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Radiology & Ultrasound

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Radiology & Ultrasound

Radiology & Ultrasound

Our laboratory facilities host precise diagnostic equipment that we use in preventative care and early detection.

Veterinary diagnostic imaging creates composites of the internal body, and it is used to discover disease or injury inside a pet’s body. Fanwood Animal Hospital employs advanced digital imaging technologies so we can provide the highest quality of diagnostic care to our patients.

Fanwood Animal Hospital’s diagnostic imaging services include:

  • Radiology
  • Ultrasonography


Radiographs, also known as X-rays, direct electromagnetic radiation toward a pet’s body to highlight objects within. These popular tests can detect a number of abnormalities, including skeletal fractures, soft tissue damage, foreign bodies and dental disease. Radiography remains one of the most popular and accurate noninvasive diagnostic tools in the veterinary industry.

Some specialized radiology procedures may require anesthesia. Orthopedic radiographs and contrast studies require pets to remain completely still to work correctly, necessitating sedation in most cases. The duration of sedation is usually short, and patient recovery is swift.

Fanwood’s veterinarians regularly consult with board-certified radiologists as well to verify radiology findings.


Ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool that creates a real-time three-dimensional image of the inside of an animal’s body. This composite reveals important information about internal structures, including the liver, kidneys, bladder, gastrointestinal system, heart and lymph nodes. Ultrasounds help Fanwood’s veterinarians identify disease, blockages and other kinds of internal injuries.

Veterinarians that specialize in ultrasonographic diagnosis routinely perform examinations at Fanwood Animal Hospital, so this important tool is available to our patients without them having to visit a specialty center.

For more information about Fanwood Animal Hospital’s radiology and ultrasonography services, please give us a call at 908-955-0693.